Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented


Positive Side

Negative Side

Knows without working hard, learns rapidly 

Learns quickly, no repetition needed, retains well

Gets bored easily, disruptive, resists work, will monopolize discussions

Reads intensely, advanced vocabulary

Communicates well, speaks and reads beyond grade level

Show off, evokes resentment of others, neglects other responsibilities

Curious with variety of interests

Asks questions, gets excited to learn something new

Can go on tangents and not follow through when another idea becomes the new passion

Works independently, individualistic

Needs little guidance, creates and invents beyond requirement, knows uniqueness, assertive

Does not like to work with people/groups and may refuse to work with others, stubborn in beliefs

Alert, observant, problem solver

Can recognize and solve the problem,

Impolitely corrects adults, interferes

High achiever

Does the skill well and strives to be the best

Brags, egotistical, impatient with others

Good sense of humor

Laughs at self, intellectual humor 

Peers may not get humor as an adult might, can be cruel to others, sarcastic


Exceptional accomplishment

Can’t handle mistakes, hard on self, anxiety

Aesthetic insight

Appreciates the arts, beauty, nature

Can be critical, judgmental