Nomination Process

Process of Nominating Your Child for Gifted and Talented Services

Note: All Kindergarten students are screened for services and tested for qualification.  Kindergarten GT services begin in March.

Process for grades 1 - 5:
1. Nominations occur throughout the year. Parents and teachers may nominate.
2. Formal nominations occur in January. Contact your child's homeroom teacher or me directly to nominate your child to be tested for services. (Please review the "Characteristics" page)
3. Permission to test and a parent survey is then sent home.
4. Teacher surveys are given to the teacher of the child.
5. Testing is conducted in February.  Testing is a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures.
6. The GT committee meets to review results, surveys, and all other helpful data to determine if placement in the program will be the best service for the student.
7. A qualified or did not qualify letter is sent to the parents/guardians.  
8. If qualifications are met, parents then receive a letter to give permission for services.
9. Students can be removed from the program if a parent or student feels that services no longer meet the needs of the student. 
10. Students may be furloughed from the program services if the students if failing.